Ms. Greta Antignolo graduated from the University of Malta in 2016 with a B.ED hons degree. She is a grade 3 teacher at San Anton School. Ms. Antignolo’s dissertation focuses on the importance of creating awareness in young school children so as to prevent bullying. The different bullying styles were described and how these influence the life of a child was explained. After analyzing the curriculum for Year 2 classes, Ms. Antignolo developed a cross-curricular hands-on resource pack which can be used by teachers at this grade level. Through these resources, teachers can increase awareness and prevention of bullying through several subjects, namely, English, Maths, Maltese, Religion and PSD. In order to make the pack more easily accessible to teachers, she also created lesson plans to complement the resources in order to maximize the potential of the pack.

After focusing her studies on the issue of bullying, Ms. Antignolo has recently published the reading book “L-Għajnuna hi Prezzjuża“. The book is aimed to prevent bullying and it also links to the Maltese syllabus of year 2. The story will not only help children learn the importance of being kind to one another but it also teaches them to seek help and speak out when things are not going the way they should be. At the same time they will also be learning the days of the week and the parts of the human body in the Maltese language.

During her time at University, Ms. Antignolo formed part of the organisation MUST (Malta University Student Teachers) and organised a number of fundraising activities.